Radial Arm Saw Hoods

Radial arm saw hoods are designed to be located behind the saw blade. They are made of 20 gauge galvanized steel with a 4,5 or 6" diameter collar.  These are all $130.00 each

Floor Sweeps

Floor sweeps are the perfect way to clean up your shop at the end of the day. Complete with a tight sealing door and requires no blast gate.  All floor sweeps are $160.00

Vacuum Kits

With 25' of 2" flex hose, 2 hose cuffs, one tool set, one of either a 4-4-3 or 5-5-3 lateral and one 3" blast gate. All vac kits are $260.

Access Doors

Access and clean-out doors are available for all of our spiral pipe sizes. Call for pricing and availability.

Angle Rings

These can be utilized in any system that requires frequent disassembly. To install, slip over spiral pipe, weld to pipe then bolt together to create a strong, removable joint. All sizes are available. Call for pricing.

Ball Joints

Our spun steel galvanized ball joints provide flexibility in your system's line to accommodate machinery with moving cutter heads. The ball joint will swivel while still allowing smooth airflow from your flex hose to your spiral pipe.

 6" 06BJ $235.00
 8" 08BJ $294.00
 10" 10BJ $382.00
 12" 12BJ $413.00