- Dustpipe.com is a major supplier to a vast array of furniture and cabinet makers, plastic production manufacturers, boat builders, corrugated manufacturing plants and many other wood and plastic productions facilities.

BULK MATERIAL HANDLING - Concrete manufacturers need to move thousands of tons of material. Manufacturing facilities require duct work to attach to hold-down suction tables. Paper mills require conveying systems from trimming operations. All of these and many others have turned to us for assistance in their needs.

POLLUTION CONTROL - Many industries today require a variety of pollution control systems. We have been exposed to and worked with the drug and pharmaceutical industry, the agricultural industry, printing and publishing facilities, several oil companies, nuclear power plants, NASA, Raytheon and the United States government.

HVAC - Call Dustpipe.com for access to our fully stocked inventory of what you need, when you need it. Should you have a special requirement we will work with you to provide a most competitive quote for your specific application.